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For the first time in history, The Killers'' 7 albums will be available in one complete career box set spanning from ''Hot Fuss'' (2004) to the band''s #1 album ''Wonderful Wonderful'' (2017). The package includes ''Live From The Royal Albert Hall'' on vinyl for the first time as a box set exclusive. All vinyl on 180g, also including a turntable slip mat.

Hot Fuss (2004, LP)
Sam''s Town (2006, LP)
Sawdust (2007, 2LP)
Day & Age (2008)
Live From The Royal Albert Hall (2009, 2LP Box Set Exclusive)
Battle Born (2012, 2LP)
Wonderful Wonderful (2017, LP)
Turntable Slip Mat

Track Listings

Disc: 1

1 Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine (Side A)
2 Mr. Brightside (Side A)
3 Smile Like You Mean It (Side A)
4 Somebody Told Me (Side A)
5 All These Things That I''ve Done (Side A)
6 Andy, You''re A Star (Side B)
7 On Top (Side B)
8 Change Your Mind (Side B)
9 Believe Me Natalie (Side B)
10 Midnight Show (Side B)
11 Everything Will Be Alright (Side B)

Disc: 2

1 Sam''s Town (Side A)
2 Enterlude (Side A)
3 When You Were Young (Side A)
4 Bling (Confession Of A King) (Side A)
5 For Reasons Unknown (Side A)
6 Read My Mind (Side A)
7 Uncle Jonny (Side B)
8 Bones (Side B)
9 My List (Side B)
10 This River Is Wild (Side B)
11 Why Do I Keep Counting? (Side B)
12 Exitlude (Side B)

Disc: 3

1 Tranquilize (feat. Lou Reed) (Side A)
2 Shadowplay (Side A)
3 All The Pretty Faces (Side A)
4 Leave The Bourbon On The Shelf (Side A)
5 Sweet Talk (Side A)
6 Under The Gun (Side B)
7 Where The White Boys Dance (Side B)
8 Show You How (Side B)
9 Move Away (Side B)

Disc: 4

1 Glamorous Indie Rock And Roll (Side A)
2 Who Let You Go? (Side A)
3 The Ballad of Michael Valentine (Side A)
4 Ruby, Don''t Take Your Love To Town (Side A)
5 Daddy''s Eyes (Side B)
6 Sam''s Town (Live From Abbey Road / 2006) (Side B)
7 Romeo And Juliet (Side B)
8 Mr. Brightside (Jacques Lu Cont''s Thin White Duke Remix) (Side B)

Disc: 5

1 Losing Touch (Side A)
2 Human (Side A)
3 Spaceman (Side A)
4 Joy Ride (Side A)
5 A Dustland Fairytale (Side A)
6 This Is Your Life (Side B)
7 I Can''t Stay (Side B)
8 Neon Tiger (Side B)
9 The World We Live In (Side B)
10 Goodnight, Travel Well (Side B)

Disc: 6

1 Human (Side A)
2 This Is Your Life (Side A)
3 Somebody Told Me (Side A)
4 The World We Live In (Side A)
5 I Can''t Stay (Side A)
6 Bling (Confession Of A King) (Side B)
7 Shadowplay (Side B)
8 Smile Like You Mean It (Side B)
9 Losing Touch (Side B)

Disc: 7

1 Spaceman (Side A)
2 A Dustland Fairytale (Side A)
3 Sam''s Town (Side A)
4 Read My Mind (Side A)
5 Mr. Brightside (Side B)
6 All These Things That I''ve Done (Side B)
7 Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine (Side B)
8 When You Were Young (Side B)

Disc: 8

1 Flesh And Bone (Side A)
2 Runaways (Side A)
3 The Way It Was (Side A)
4 Here With Me (Side B)
5 A Matter Of Time (Side B)
6 Deadlines And Commitments (Side B)

Disc: 9

1 Miss Atomic Bomb (Side A)
2 The Rising Tide (Side A)
3 Heart Of A Girl (Side A)
4 From Here On Out (Side B)
5 Be Still (Side B)
6 Battle Born (Side B)

Disc: 10

1 Wonderful Wonderful (Side A)
2 The Man (Side A)
3 Rut (Side A)
4 Life To Come (Side A)
5 Run For Cover (Side A)
6 Tyson Vs. Douglas (Side B)
7 Some Kind Of Love (Side B)
8 Out Of My Mind (Side B)
9 The Calling (Side B)
10 Have All The Songs Been Written? (Side B)

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